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    The ESG welcomes the recent announcement by Government and the Port of Gibraltar of new tariffs applying to vessels arriving at, touching at, or having communication with Gibraltar, or the anchorage, port or harbour.

    For too long we have suffered the fall-out from the numerous vessels that literally hang about Gibraltar waters for sometimes months on end. These ships turn their engines on and use their generators. They produce lots of toxic smoke which often fills our heavy summer skies adding to the already polluted air in the Bay. The presence of so many vessels has also heightened the potential for uncontrolled dumping of rubbish and other waste, as well as the risk of collision and accidents such as we saw with FEDRA. The introduction therefore of charges on the East side is overdue and seen as a very positive step by the ESG.

    It is hoped this will now be followed by other measures recommended by the Maritime Administration into the recent shipping accidents off Gibraltar.”