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  • Letter of thanks to the LEUKAEMIA TRUST

    Dear Sirs,

    The ESG and BBB wishes to say a special thanks to the Leukaemia Trust, and to Beryl Zammit in particular, for the tireless hours she spent in helping us get the anti-pollution petition off the ground. The Leukaemia Trust was also very supportive of the work undertaken by the BBB when the results of the air samples first became published.

    The presence of the Leukaemia Trust representatives at the cross border protest also sent a powerful message to the world, that the issues raised by the ESG and BBB are not simply those of “environmentalists concerns”, but are inextricably linked to the cancers and illnesses experienced by many ordinary people.
    People known and helped by the Leukaemia Trust.

    It is very much hoped that we can collaborate in this manner in the future. The ESG is also optimistic that both organisations can work together on similar planned campaigns during the course of 2005.


    J. Howitt and T.Scott
    On behalf of the ESG and BBB.