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    The Environmental Safety Group held the second of its public discussions on the environment last week. “In town without my car” focused on traffic and transport issues in Gibraltar . The event was well attended and generated a lively discussion between both panellists and the floor on ways in which Gibraltar can tackle the present traffic crisis. A full report on the ideas arising from this discussion, as well as a selection of video clips, will shortly be available on the ESG website – www.esg-gib.net.

    Following on from the success of the “In town without my car” discussion, representatives from the ESG, the Gibraltar Ornithological and Natural History Society and Friends of the Earth will be meeting with Minister for the Environment, Jaime Netto on Thursday afternoon.

    The NGO delegation will present the Minister with a series of recommendations to improve traffic congestion and the corresponding noise and air pollution. The recommendations address the need to make it easier and more convenient for people to cycle, use public transport and walk. Also suggested are economic measures designed to result in greener use of cars.