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    While always appreciating the courageous actions carried out by Greenpeace, the ESG question the decision by them to respond to what is a complicated and evolving situation.


    Campaigning for a better environment the ESG cannot regret the action yesterday but instead hope that Greenpeace will also consider the many factors polluting and damaging the ecosystem in the Bay and surrounding region.


    In a week that sees inspectors visiting from the EU to also inspect Gibraltar’s bunkering practices it would appear to an observer that Gibraltar is the major threat to our environment. The complaint lodged with the European Union by the ESG and GONHS, clearly illustrates the enormity of the problem facing the environment in the Bay and it also clearly explains the origin of the worst polluters.


    The ESG would earnestly request that Greenpeace become involved in the fight against the degradation and poisoning of the Bay by the heavy industrial presence in the Campo de Gibraltar area. Vested interest and politics prevent ordinary citizens from ensuring the right to a healthy life and environment. The ESG urges that Greenpeace in future consults with all the concerned parties before taking what could be interpreted as supporting a calculated and politically driven step again in the future.