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    The ESG will today be taking the first steps towards running a veg oil trial on a Calypso Tour coach. This will take place at 2.00pm at the Calypso Workshop next to the Cruise terminal.


    Swiss engineer and Veg oil expert Michael Zeller will be visiting Gib in order to advise on the conversion requirement for the selected vehicle – a Toyota Coaster. The system will then be fitted and trials will commence.


    Waste oil will be collected by the ESG from local restaurants, treated, and then used to conduct a thorough and reliable trial on the efficacy and reliability of this alternative fuel supply, as well as long-term effects on the engine. There will also be participation from top Calypso mechanics. The trial, if successful, could see the entire Calypso fleet in the future running on this environmentally sound fuel. The only limitations would be the reliability of supply. What is guaranteed, however, is that any replacement of diesel fuel with clean burning alternatives, can only enhance our air quality and improve the health of our population.


    It is also a very effective way of disposing of what is classed as a mild pollutant of our waters at present. Separate trials will also be initiated on a ‘fuel ionisation’ unit. The manufacturers claim improved combustion with the unit, which results in reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption (10 to 25%). The unit will be fitted to a second coach and also to a modern 4-wheel drive vehicle. The ESG is conducting the trials in order to have an independent assessment of the unit before lending support and lobbying for wide spread use.


    More information on this system will soon be posted on our website ends;.


    James Machin promoting vegetable oil power James Machin and Michael Zeller at the ESG open day displaying a Mercedes vehicle fitted with a veg oil system and running successfully for nearly a year.