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    “A rare opportunity for us to place our legitimate concerns straight before the commission.”

    The ESG would like to inform the Gibraltar community that it was alerted to a questionnaire being conducted by the European Commission for the purposes of feeding back information to the Environmental Directorate on the air quality in your area.

    Naturally this is an issue of great public importance in Gibraltar and as such, the ESG wishes to promote the link found on the internet and encourages all those who are concerned about these issues to fill in and submit the form electronically before the due deadline on the 31st January 2005.

    The link is : http://europa.eu.int/yourvoice/forms/dispatch?form=356&lang=EN

    Air pollution can significantly affect the health of the community and living environment.
    Here is another opportunity to lay this issue before the European Commission and the ESG would urge as many people as possible to seize it.

    The link has also been sent by the group to spanish environmental groups.