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  • ESG welcomes the meeting to be held in Gibraltar

    “The ESG welcomes the news that a meeting will be held in Gibraltar on Tuesday 26th January between technical representatives from the three members of the Tripartite Forum on environmental issues.


    The group previously participated in the presentation of two dossiers to the Forum specifically raising issues of critical, regional environmental importance as well as highlighting potential solutions. In July 2009 the Forum announced that the next 12 months would see efforts made towards the setting up of practical measures. This pledge was seen as a highly significant step by NGO’s and communities on both sides of the border who will nevertheless continue to monitor the situation and who will be eagerly looking ahead to Tuesday’s meeting as further signs of tangible progress.


    Nevertheless the ESG calls upon the Tripartite Forum to seriously consider some formal participation by regional environmental NGO’s into the technical discussions on the issues being considered at present- NGO’s who have dedicated many years researching and campaigning on these issues and have a wealth of experience and resources to contribute.”