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  • ESG welcomes Government statement

    The ESG welcomes the latest announcement by the Minister for the Environment on plans to review existing Govt. cleaning contracts and designated areas on the back of the Clean up the World’s successful community campaign.

    It is clear that action is needed to correct and reduce the negative impact we have on our environment as a community. Such a widespread problem can only be resolved by direct Government intervention and policy making as well as enforcement of anti-littering laws. Community projects such as the CUTW can help raise awareness and make a difference in the short-term but this alone would not be enough.

    The ESG has compiled a report on the work done over the clean up weekend with details of identified problem areas. This resource will be submitted to Government to hopefully assist during the review period.

    The Environment Park also sounds like an extremely positive development which the ESG hopes will be set up as soon as possible.

    It is further hoped that the present momentum by the Ministry will help produce similar results for recycling in Gibraltar.