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  • ESG to visit the ‘Sierra Nava’ grounding site

    The Environmental Safety Group will be joining a gathering of environmentalists across the Bay in Algeciras at the site where the Sierra Nava run ashore amid last Sunday’s strong weather conditions.

    Environmentalists are concerned about the continued risk to the environment, and in particular to protected areas, that marine accidents and oil spills from petroleum tankers constitute. Our straits see vast numbers of marine vessels come and go every year (approximately 90,000) and there is concern that this heavy traffic could bring about a large-scale oil spill.

    Sierra Nava’s accident has caused the coastline around Getares to be covered in oil. Residents living nearby have complained of noxious fumes and it is not yet understood what the impact on the wildlife in the area will be.

    Tomorrow, Saturday, at about 4.00 p.m. a small ESG delegation will be leaving Gibraltar to meet their Spanish counterparts at 5 p.m. at the Parque del Centenario. Anyone keen to join is asked to get in contact with the ESG by calling Janet on 5496000 or Jonathan on 54005406.

    The weather might have a bearing on Saturday’s event and so anyone keen to participate is asked to check with the ESG before setting off.