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  • ESG Radio Broadcast – Newsletter 14th April 2011


    Because the ESG has been around for over 10 years now, (yep, you heard right!), it may be helpful to remind the community why our group was created in the first place. Our mission statement which appears on our website home page, says: “The ESG works to promote environmental issues within the community. Concerns of: air and water quality, pollution, preservation of our green areas, traffic, need for renewable energy, litter/recycling and climate change are the focus of many ESG campaigns.” Bearing all this in mind our totally apolitical charity is very pleased to update you with news on some of these issues

     In our last broadcast, for example, we advised we were invited to meet with Conservative MEP Julie Girling for the first time. We found the exchange of views productive and worthwhile and were encouraged by Ms Girlings’ expressed willingness to lend support to MEP Graham Watson already engaged in various battles on our behalf in Brussels

     CUTW 2011 is beginning to stir and the ESG has recently held a high level meeting with the Minister for the Environment and Heads of various key Departments to address the progress or otherwise of the issues flagged under this Campaign. Of course there is positive change with last year; our sixth clean up, forecasting definite change with Government and Master Services assuming responsibility for the care of green and coastal areas previously targeted each year by our incredible teams of volunteers. As with any project though, overnight miracles are not realistic and so we plan for the best course of action for our voluntary effort for 2011 which will likely include 3 or 4 target areas with a greater degree of interaction with the authorities. A first CUTW planning meeting will be held on the 10th May and the logistics team will be notified directly.

     The ESG has been invited to participate in a Mediterranean-wide exhibition to be held in Malta in June to mark World Environment Day. The idea is for materials to be exhibited in a week long awareness programme from local and external NGO’s from the region. We will gladly take up this opportunity of spreading the word of our work, particularly our efforts to protect the regional environment using cross border co-operation to achieve our objectives. The Mediterranean Ecosystems are under great pressure from the ever increasing coastal developments and all efforts to increase awareness of the damages we are incurring and the potential solutions for sustainable alternatives have to be supported.

     Closer to home, the ESG is co-ordinating an awareness day in Gibraltar on the 27th April to mark World Earth Day. The official date is the 22nd April which is Good Friday and so we have opted to delay our activity to the 27th. While local environmental progress is becoming more discernible, there continues to be a time lag in recognising our responsibilities towards – safe environmental practise – and – action – and there will be a number of local examples under the spotlight at the stall. Please come along between 12.30 and 2.30pm to the Piazza on Wednesday the 27th April where members of the GONHS, FoEGib and the ESG will be on hand to discuss these issues with you. 


    Thanks for listening-