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  • ESG Cycle Ride 2005

    The ESG awareness raising cycle ride took place last Sunday and once again proved to be a huge success, with the number of participating cyclists more than doubling since last year’s effort.The protest ride began at the gates of the OESCO power generating station and took our cyclists through unspoilt countryside and stunning scenery as they made their way to Facinas, in the Tarifa area.

    Despite the occasional puncture and the odd splash of mud, the journey was completed successfully with the riders and other supporters enjoying a well deserved meal and rest on arrival.

    The numerous windmills in the area served to emphasise the purpose of this ride. The ESG has vigorously campaigned for Government to fully explore and develop renewable energy systems for Gibraltar. Energy is currently produced by diesel engines which are highly polluting, both in terms of noise and emissions, and are detrimental to the health of the population as the pollutants produced can cause asthma, heart disease and cancer.

    Energy demand is on the increase and the ESG believes that government should phase in green energy to help meet this demand. Harnessing the power of renewable energy sources such as wind, wave and solar is undeniably the most sustainable option for the future and experts must be brought in to assess Gibraltar’s needs and determine which forms of renewable energy would be most viable for our community. In the meantime Government should ensure that filters and noise insulation are fitted onto our current generators.

    The ESG hopes that this cycle ride will serve to raise awareness within the local community of the dangers associated with our current energy sources so that it too will lobby government to take action and begin to invest in greener technologies to safeguard our health and our environment.

    Finally the ESG confirms that the money raised from this event will be given to the GBC Open Day fund.