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    “Manage, not Damage” ESG Message EARTH DAY 2003

    Due to inclement weather, the ESG regretfully had to postpone their announced activity which was to be held in conjunction with similar activities around the world today. The ESG would nonetheless like to relay some of the messages on this special day being celebrated around the world.

    Celebrating Mother Earth and emphasising the need to reverse the damage humanity is wreaking upon her is one clear message. It is now understood that global resource consumption is running at 20% over the capacity of the earth. Accelerated global warming is attributed exclusively to human activity. These factors point towards the fact that humans must change the way in which we currently live.

    The ESG agree that reducing pollution, conserving energy, and recycling more of our resources, is the way forward and applies also to Gibraltar which is part of the world. Public support for these vital issues is growing and membership of groups such as the ESG will help persuade authorities to introduce changes necessary within our communities.

    The new date for the scheduled event will be announced in the press shortly.