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  • Empty statements by la Junta de Andalucia

    The Environmental Safety Group (ESG) and Bay Bucket Brigade (BBB) denounce recent empty statements by la Junta de Andalucia

    The ESG has briefed its BBB colleagues on the aims and objectives of the new plataforma for an epidemiological study and has enlisted their support in future coordinated decisions and actions.

    The ESG/BBB add their voice to the groups in Spain this weekend denouncing the statement made by La Junta in response to the call for the epidemiological study to be done in el Campo de Gibraltar. This statement appeared in Europa Sur saying that pollution was not responsible for excess mortality in the Bay. The statement does refer to higher than average levels of lung cancers, but dismisses these as evidently being caused by tobacco smoking.

    Well, let us consider what evidence is available. On the one hand, the Junta maintains that there is no public health crisis in the Bay yet offers no evidence to support this claim. On the other hand, the citizens of the Bay have knowledge of scientific studies such as the highly acclaimed Atlas de Mortalidad reports by Professor Benach and also a recent alarming cancer study from a hospital in Algeciras. These scientific reports provide strong evidence that there is a public health crisis in the bay. In choosing who to believe, the question you should ask is simple: who is offering better evidence?

    The ESG has also procured details of new health studies to be undertaken by La Junta to begin in 2005/2006 in at least six municipalities close to Gibraltar. How can it claim to have results and conclusions before these have even started!

    In any event the Plataforma Para el Estudio Epidemiologico called on La Junta for a detailed and solid study to be set up and conducted in a manner which obtains the trust and support of the citizens whose welfare La Junta purports to address.

    The ESG and BBB is considering the possible avenues to be pursued at European level by La Plataforma and it will be placing these on the agenda at the next forum which will take place during the first week of April.