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    The ESG reminds the Gibraltarian community that it once again has an opportunity to place legitimate pressure upon all those politicians calling for their vote in the newly announced election. The community should demand that a clear environmental policy forms a strategic and genuine part of an overall manifesto for Gibraltar.


    The absence of such a policy allows incumbent governments to utilise badly needed environmental improvements and strategies as electioneering sweeteners, which is an affront to an aware and intelligent community.


    The ESG therefore urges the community not to waste this crucial opportunity and to ask all parties’ to present a plan for our environment.


    A plan that will:


    • cut back drastically on pollution and waste
    • greatly improve on and invest in planning and development strategies
    • introduce healthy and sustainable forms of transport
    • introduce recycling and alternative energy measures
    • encourage best available practices and technology wherever possible
    • protect and preserve our natural heritage and living environment
    • promote environmental awareness within the community


    We await with interest the contesting parties’ contribution towards a safer and healthier environment and how they intend to bring this about in concrete terms.