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  • EIA on Eastside leaves many questions unanswered

    The ESG met with the GONHS this week to discuss and share concerns about the proposed Eastside development. In light of the deadline falling just after the festive period on the 4th January the NGOs believe it extremely important that the public are aware of the many environmental issues this development will have. A statement has been issued on behalf of both organisations as follows:-

    – “While appreciating the fact that an in-depth and highly detailed assessment has finally been made public on the Eastside Project the NGOs would like the Development and Planning Commission to give due regard to the following issues when considering this planning application.

    · That the Government of Gibraltar (GoG) carries out its own environmental impact assessment on the project to ensure the best outcome for Gibraltar, its people, wildlife and environment;

    · That the GoG allows longer periods for public consultation for large projects of this type;

    · That as regularly suggested throughout the Environmental Statement, further tests and sampling are carried out on the mound prior and during any major disturbance to the site (data referred to in the EIA dates back to 2001);

    · That – should the project go ahead – fresh data from further testing be made public;

    · That while the EIA states (page 18 Water Quality section) current bathing water standards at the Eastside regularly fails to meet guideline standards under EC Bathing Directive-which in itself is of concern- that the Eastside Project will exacerbate these standards further, ( because of slower current flow and inability to self cleanse in some areas) and that this will require active steps to clean specific areas during the bathing season in particular ;

    · That dredging is not undertaken in areas of special ecological significance;

    · That the health of workers, residents, bathers and marine biodiversity in the area are prioritised and protected;

    · That the profile of the project is landscaped to maximise and blend with the natural beauty of the area which it currently, clearly does not;

    · That energy and water efficiency are maximised on new development”