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  • Dry Dock Burning

    The ESG would like to draw attention to a regrettable incident which took place on Tuesday 16th January, when Cammell Laird took it upon themselves to burn waste material on site and within the dry dock area. This burning of waste is a regular occurrence at the yard and the group has on previous occasions, reported these to the Environmental Agency.


    Confirmed reports suggest that a whole portacabin was among the materials burnt on this occasion!! The result was a menacing column of thick black smoke. Thankfully the wind was blowing this away from town and residential areas.

    The ESG understands that the Environmental Agency is taking action against the company for this incident. It hopes that this will pave the way toward eliminating such outmoded and hazardous practices of burning waste on site in the future.

    What, the group asks, if the wind had changed?