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  • Denny Larson returns to the Bay

    The ESG reports that the Bay Bucket Brigade will again see Denny Larson in Gibraltar during the period 2nd to 5th July 2005. During this time Mr Larson will be attending press conferences and public meetings on both sides of the border and will be briefed on the year’s development and progress on the campaign to reduce Bay pollution.

    A public meeting will be held in Gibraltar at the:-

    John Mackintosh Hall on Monday 4th July at 8.00pm

    Everyone is welcome.

    The BBB considers that the meeting will be of significant interest to the community given the irrefutable support the bucket samples have lent the anti-pollution campaign raising this onto another level altogether.

    Mr Larson will have just returned with a team from Gibraltar from meetings in Brussels and a report on this will also be made at the meeting.