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  • CUTW planning session takes off with a bang!

    Friday’s first planning session for this year’s “Clean up the World” weekend began positively with a good number of key team leaders present to discuss campaign aims and objectives for 2009.

    Sites were allocated and logistics discussed – team leaders who could not attend will need to contact ESG as soon as possible on: howitts@gibtelecom.net or call: 200-43156 to provide team details. Attendance is required to the next and final planning session on the 4th September 2009 at 8pm, once again at the Heritage Trust offices, in the Piazza.

    As in previous years, the Friday before the Clean Up, ie 18th September, will see equipment and final instructions/guidelines given to team leaders from the ESG premises, 1st floor Plater Youth Club, Upper Town.

    Confirmed teams so far as follows:
    Amigos del Camino de Santiago
    Bayside School
    Police Officers
    Police Divers
    Heritage Trust
    Duke of Edinburgh
    Westside School
    St John’s Cadets
    Rotary Club
    Environmental Agency
    KF team
    Round Table
    Manning Skip
    St Christopher’s School
    Climbing Club
    RB team
    Clarke Recycling
    IEH Team
    BY Team
    HSE Consulting Ltd

    Confirmation expected from more teams shortly