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  • Cross border Protest and Petition

    The cross border protest which took place in La Linea by La Plataforma por el Estudio Epidemiológico saw support from at least 400 people from all around the Bay, including Gibraltar.

    Short speeches were made by the three speakers on behalf of La Plataforma: Ms Neco from Verdemar; a poet from San Roque; and Ernest Teuma, an ESG executive committee member.

    The ESG was able to secure the participation of some of our highly talented local musicians, who helped make the event more colourful. The ESG is extremely grateful to them for their continued support and commitment to environmental issues.

    The event goes down as another step in the communities’ struggle to persuade authorities to do more for the environmental health of the region and to acknowledge the likelihood that serious problems do exist.

    A petition calling on La Comision Mixta to fulfil its pledge to jointly fund a rigorous, independent epidemiological study will continue to run until such time as it’s considered that most, if not all people, who want to sign it will have had a chance to do so.

    The petition is available for signing at:-

    Beacon Press, Rainbow Studios, Art Gallery, Stagnetto Bros, Red House, Lady Williams Centre

    until further notice.