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  • Clean Up weekend – brief summary

    CUTW weekend proved to be a huge success once again in Gibraltar. Close to 100 tons of rubbish were collected by 500 volunteers and a lot of very hard work.
    Saturday saw an early start with a parade and event at the John Mackintosh Square. The rest of the day and Sunday was taken up by teams working in around 30 different areas.

    Many issues and discussions among volunteers have taken place. The teamwork aspect of the campaign makes this a particularly inspiring one with many young people making a huge difference to important green areas around Gibraltar. Glaring problems remain with relittering of certain hotspot areas almost immediate. It was particularly disheartening to volunteers who want action from Govt/agencies and all enforcement bodies.

    We shall be using the increased awareness and focus on these problems to push the agenda forward for solutions which our volunteers have every intention to support but is for Government to do.

    Finally, a big thanks to all who gave their valuable time and energy to the CUTW Campaign – Gibraltar-is a lot cleaner today and we caught a glimpse of how she could be if we all played our part, to start today and save tomorrow..

    For more details contact Janet Howitt 43156 54960000

    A full report will on the weekend will be provided soon.