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    Clean up the World 2007 in Gibraltar proved to be incredibly successful. Bringing together over 500 volunteers from every sector of the community picking up rubbish, several hundred more supported the parade and exhibition which launched the weekend itself in the centre of town.

    Having identified sites in the preceding weeks, via land and sea surveys-  with the Police, technical advisors and media-  the ESG co-ordinated over 23 teams representing organisations and schools who took part cleaning up 27 different sites.  Underwater sites were targeted, coastlines too, as well as many of green areas which were disgracefully littered.

    There were feelings of frustration in those who had cleaned the same sites in previous years only to see them deteriorate back to their shocking condition. However CUTW was again able to generate a focus and sense of purpose among those who took part seeing the planning of new projects emerge from the weekend. An important development was the distribution of a poster with guidelines on where to take different types of rubbish (see www.esg-gib.net)

    On the down side the Clean up this year has emphasised the serious problems Gibraltar continues to face with dumping and littering, not uncommon throughout Europe but on a patch our size something we should be able to manage better. Gibraltar also produces double the waste per person than someone living in the UK, something we should not be proud of and try to reduce. It was not difficult to pick up the final 70 tons of waste over the weekend with more left to be done.

    Clearly the aims and objectives set up since 2006 still apply:

    • Changing attitudes in the community
    • Revising cleaning contracts
    • Clarification of waste disposal to halt erroneous and illegal dumping
    • Building Contractors to be legally responsible to move old infrastructure as part of refurbishment contracts
    • Private lands to be fenced off to prevent illegal dumping
    • Adequate provision of better designed bins and central modern waste facility
    • Policing and enforcement of anti-littering legislation
    • CCTV to be set up in hotspot areas
    • Need for Recycling facilities to be set up without further delay
    • Litter Wardens to be introduced
    • Sunday collections in chronic dumping and rubbish collecting sites
    • Provision of adequate signs is a ‘MUST’.

    Gibraltar’s clean up weekend was a success because of the community wide support which included: schools, musicians, artists, NGO’s, essential services, government departments, businesses and many others. A parade and environmental exhibition held in the heart of Gibraltar town ensured the message about Clean up the World was brought once again to the heart of Gibraltar while the 23 teams tackled green areas and underwater sites. Thanks go to all those who took part and made this a truly community event!!

    Performances by:

    St Josephs and Loreto School

    Westside Poets

    Musicians: Special thanks to Michael Clarence, Adrian Pisarello, Eric Rowbottom and Sister Dee

    Exhibits from: As well as information and posters on the Clean up the World Global campaign there were displays from: Westside School- great art work and a Greenwatch display; St. Mary’s, St. Martins Governor’s Meadow, Loreto and Bayside School and more from ESG, GONHS, FoE, Technical Services, as well as a footprint corner with guidance from Catherine Walsh and Jon Scott. A very busy Kid’s corner included a giant foot model produced by Michele Stagnetto and helpers as well as colouring and foot printing charts. Children were also encouraged to decorate trees provided by the GONHS with messages on the environment shaped as feet; a comprehensive poster on rubbish guidelines was also displayed for the first time which saw input from Environmental Agency, Department of Environment and organised by the ESG – this was then designed by Anne Coelho who also prepared a large photo montage on rubbish. All in all, the exhibition was exciting and made a colourful splash across the square. Special thanks too to those who came to help set up early in the morning.

    Parade:-Westside, Bayside, St Joseph’s First, St Joseph’s Middle, Notre Dame, Sacred Heart, Loreto, St Mary’s, several Clean up the World team leaders, and many other campaign supporters. Main Street was a sea of people and colourful displays and the walkers certainly made an impact as they wound their way to Cathedral Square and back to Casemates. Thanks to the very young whose little legs struggled to make the whole walk but managed to! Also to the caterpillar carriers celebrating Gibraltar’s wonderful biodiversity!

    Clean up Teams:

    Technical support from Steve Payne (abseiling support), Partygaming, Vic Stadium, Amigos del Camino de Santiago, Eco Warriors (ESG), Ministry for the Env, Stray Cats, FoEGib, South District Group, Royal Gibraltar Police officers and divers, Environmental Agency, GONHS-Cave Section, Royal Gibraltar Regiment, Ministry of Defence, Westside School, Paper Recycling, St. John’s Cadets, Nunca Mais (ESG), St. Christopher’s, Bayside School, Rotary Club, Gibraltar Youth Service, Green Transformers (ESG)

    Special thanks to rubbish collectors: Tom Scott, Jim Howitt, Ewen Clinton, Ernest Teuma – ESG, Andrew Abrines – Wildlife (Gibraltar) Ltd, John Carreras – Gibraltar Heritage Trust, Glen Banda – Environmental Agency

    First Aid cover: Reliably provided as in previous years by St John’s Cadets Angelo Cerisola and Graham Southall

    Equipment and Assistance from: Christina Cortes (ESG) again assisted with her excellent work on the promotional materials in the hot summer months. Gibraltar Philharmonic Society (Ministry of Culture), Department of the Environment, Trafalgar Group, CK Transport, Toyota, Beacon Press, Environmental Agency, Gibraltar Wildlife Ltd, Arts and Crafts Gallery, St Joseph’s Middle School, Royal Gibraltar Police – Marine section, Technical Services and Steve Payne- Abseiler for surveys, Royal Gibraltar Regiment, Michele Stagnetto for her creative and untiring work for the cause, Local Media in promoting the campaign in the run up especially GBC, Radio Gibraltar, Gibraltar Chronicle and the Insight Magazine. Adrian Pisarello and Eric Rowbottom for providing the sound system for event, Radio Gibraltar for providing live radio coverage of Casemates event as well as a live link to Australia at the opening and finally to Lizzie Savignon for help during the early stages of the campaign.

    Sponsors:- Thanks to Main Sponsors Bonita Trust and the Open Day Trust, Interbuild, Master Services, MoD, Morrison’s and MRW- Icom for support and help in making this inspiring campaign a reality