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  • Clean Up the World Weekend – Coming soon !

    The Clean Up the World team would like to congratulate and thank all of our Members who are conducting activities over the Clean Up the World weekend. We have over 360 Members from 90 countries participating on or around this weekend. This is from our membership base of over 650 Members from 115 countries who are undertaking activities in 2007.

    The success of the campaign is a reflection of your local actions and commitment to this global initiative ably supported by our Partners who provide much needed funding as well as also encouraging their employees and business associates to join the campaign.

    We wish you well and look forward to hearing of the success of your activities in support of the campaign, and for the benefit of your environment and community.

    A Message to all Clean Up the World Members

    In this, the 15th year of Clean Up the World, Ian Kiernan our Chairman and Founder wanted to send you this message:

    “When Clean Up the World was founded in 1993 I had hopes that it would help bring people together who believe like me, that communities around the world are willing and able to play a major role in the improvement of the environment.

    15 years later I am pleased to say that, through the passion and commitment of its members and supporters such as the United Nations Environment Programme, Clean Up the World has more than fulfilled that hope. The achievements for the environment and the community have been substantial and inspiring as has the formation of a network of people dedicated to this cause.

    Thank you for being part of Clean Up the World. Your contribution is making a difference. I look forward to sharing the challenges and achievements of the next 15 years.”

    Ian Kiernan, AO