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  • Clean up the World repeats previous successes

    This years Clean up the World (CUTW) has broken all previous records in Gibraltar with close to 500 volunteers picking up rubbish over the weekend!!

    With a hugely successful parade and colourful and striking displays at Casemates- including a giant model footprint, music and poetry- awareness was definitely raised amongst the many youngsters present. The Radio Gibraltar Roadshow further ensured that many more residents enjoyed the energetic and full programme coverage during the event.

    Between 60 to 70 tons of domestic waste, timber, metalwork and construction materials was cleared from our green slopes, underwater sites and coastal areas! The MoD and Gibraltar Regiment collected a further 4 to 5 tons of timber from the cliffs which were taken directly to the Old Incinerator site.

    While determined groups of CUTW volunteers tackled areas all over Gibraltar with much enthusiasm there were also plenty of mixed feelings at the amounts of litter and other waste everywhere. Many of the volunteers voiced concerns about the need for enforcement, extra bins, litter wardens, etc. – these clearly needed to avoid areas from become dumping grounds all over again. Also for clearer guidelines to be made available as well as better facilities for people to take their non-domestic waste. It was agreed that this would form part of a sustained campaign by the ESG and associated CUTW partners.

    The ESG wishes to thank each and every one who took part this weekend and in the run-up to ensure the campaign was a success and an event Gibraltar can truly be proud of!

    The group will soon forward a report it is preparing for Clean up the World Australia on the local Clean Up and the many positive spin-offs, with details of participants, projects and sponsors.