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  • Clean Up the World / 2009

    The ESG wishes to announce that preparations for this years Clean Up the World are now underway with the first planning session for team leaders and new volunteers taking place this evening between 8 and 9pm at the Gibraltar Heritage Trust (Piazza) , who have kindly allowed us the use of their boardroom for this purpose.

    2009’s CUTW theme is “Communities Uniting to Combat Climate Change”- It is hoped that Gibraltar’s community will once again pull together to support this global campaign locally and transform lesser tended seafront and green areas. Previous years have been remarkable in terms of support, highlighting the appeal this campaign holds for those who wish to take action on litter and waste issues which sadly continue to linger from year to year. While some improvements are noted the aims of the campaign, which are wide ranging, remain outstanding.

    These include the need for:

    • More and better litter and waste facilities
    • Signage – widespread
    • Sustained anti-litter campaign on buses/ -stops/radio/tv/schools etc.
    • Litter Wardens, fines (very important)
    • Proactive campaign on part of govt to encourage and expand recycling on the Rock
    • Maintenance of green and seafront areas throughout the year
    • Other recommendations will no doubt be brought to the table after this years campaign and we shall ensure these are presented to Government

    Clean Up Parade and Exhibition

    This year, once again we shall hold a parade and exhibition involving younger children and our Clean Up teams. A second and week long CUTW exhibition, also organised by the ESG, will be set up at the Heritage Trust ground floor premises and will run from the 14th to the 21st September.

    Many other projects are also planned this year to run concurrent with the clean up to ensure that as many people are reached during the campaign as possible with positive spin-offs as have been known to happen after previous years efforts.

    Please see proposed timetable which may be altered according to final confirmations, etc.

    • Clean up Weekend 19th and 20th September
    • Parade and Exhibition at John Mackintosh Square – morning of the 19th
    • Clean Up The World Exhibition at Heritage Trust Main Guard –from 14th to 21st September
    • Week long awareness of Clean up Issues at MacDonald’s 14th to 21st September
    • Combined We Care/CUTW projects kick off from beginning of term –
    • Environmental Films to be screened at local cinema also during 14th to 21st September

    Thanks to all those who have already helped towards the setting up of this years campaign.

    Email: howitts@gibtelecom.net or call 200-43156 if you wish to volunteer for the Clean Up