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  • Clean Up Catalan Bay Car Park

    The ESG is organising a coastal clean up this Saturday under the “Clean up the World” banner. This inspiring campaign is once again motivating young people to get involved and help protect Gibraltar’s environment.

    Bayside Environmental Club, Plan-Itt Team from the Young Entrepreneurs at Gibraltar College, Duke of Edinburgh and St John’s Cadets will be cleaning up a section of Gibraltar coastline including Catalan Bay ca park and sea front. The area is plastered in plastic waste and assorted rubbish and the volunteer effort will attempt to prevent some of this from becoming marine debris threatening seabirds and marine life.

    This initiative saw the signing up of around 50 to 60 volunteers although the inclement weather may discourage some from coming along. Volunteers are asked to report to the organisers at the car park at 9.30am where conditions will be assessed and clean up commence -all being well.