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    The ESG responds to the announcement by CEPSA in the Spanish press that it was not responsible for the latest toxic sulphur levels in the Bay.


    Given the spread of industry it is clear that ambient monitoring stations alone are insufficient to accurately apportion blame; indeed it is also why environmentalists believe this system is favoured over and above the more accurate monitoring at source system.


    The ESG has long been calling for the need to introduce monitoring at source for industry, especially when located near residential areas, but in any event, to ensure proper compliance by industry as to what they are allowed to push out into the air or water atmospheres.


    The recent denial by CEPSA that it was responsible for the dangerous sulphur levels, does not, therefore, come as a surprise, as it is difficult for anyone to prove otherwise. It will not have escaped the notice of the residents of the Bay that the adverse climatic conditions (called the summer), referred to as impeding proper dispersal of pollutants and therefore compliance with environmental regulations, that massive toxic escapes have been witnessed regularly from CEPSA and the power stations either side of the refinery. These are visible from the Rock although the ESG are sure that the various industries located behind the refinery will also be contributing to this deadly cocktail that recently has been causing alarm signals to be sent out when checked by the monitoring stations.


    The ESG reiterates its calls to communities on both sides of the border to fill in the pollution log sheets published and to contact members of the Bay Bucket Brigade when noticing a toxic release to enable the team to spring into action and help identify the polluter at the right time.


    The ESG states that the communities on both sides of the border have every reason to fear these emissions that are medically proven to cause very serious effects on health and that therefore every effort must be made to make industries accountable and reduce their pollution NOW.


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