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  • Cammell Laird future expansion

    The ESG reacts to a recent Govt and Cammell Laird joint statement on future expansion and investment in the dockyard. Both parties state that future plans for the docks will help mitigate the noise and air pollution currently being suffered by South District residents. The latter part of this statement is what ESG sees as a major step forward. Government and industry have up until now never acknowledged publicly that pollution in the South District existed in spite of complaints made by the ESG and many affected residents.

    Given the positive news breaking with this statement that by expanding dockyard facilities will mitigate existing noise and air pollution, the ESG would like to receive detailed information as to how this will be achieved. The group understands that open air ship bodywork repairs, spray painting and maintenance will continue. Given the size of the vessels and ferries regularly serviced here it is unlikely that all the docks will be enclosed. The ESG asks how pollution produced from this activity can be mitigated by the proposed expansion. More details are required to understand fully the aims and objectives behind the project.

    What is clear, however, is that bodywork on super luxury yachts requires perfect finishing which could not be achieved in the open air given the amount of air pollution from ships and both power stations. It appears then that the expanded closed facility is aimed at servicing the luxury end of the market alone, leaving the open air bread and butter stuff to continue impacting heavily on the residents and environment with continued air and noise pollution.

    Further explanations should be given so that any plans for modernisation of the dockyard will receive support from a well informed community who could provide both parties with valuable feedback in the planning process.

    In the meantime the ESG still waits expectantly and patiently for the noise insulation to be installed at the OESCO plant as has been promised by Government for several years now.