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    This issue may look as bad as ever with a bay littered with countless tankers and regular, if small, incidents, but things here are definitely on the move! Most positively the Gibraltar Port is engaged in numerous layers of improvement and upgrade, both at an administrative level and practical/physical.


    Monitoring will take a gigantic leap also with the installation of state of the art VTS technology backed up by look out towers. What is also impressive is that better political relations under the Tripartite Forum will enable the Gib and Algeciras Port to get on with their important work of co-operation for the safe navigation and monitoring of vessels in real time. Once all these systems are up and running Tangiers will then be targeted to rope that authority into the triangle of management of ships throughout the entire strait area. Great news, if we have to have the level of ship activity in the Bay it has to be supported by adequate monitoring systems and co-operation.


    Outstanding and important to local residents is the question of vapour recovery technology, or VRT. GSD Govt had talked about bringing ship to ship transfers onto land thereby reducing the risk of collision with potentially catastrophic consequences. A further advantage was the opportunity of then installing VRT to a new land based set up