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    The ESG is pleased to see political intent as stated by GSLP spokesman Fabian Picardo, regarding the pollution in the Bay and the GSLPs’ commitment to commission, fund and publish an enquiry to gauge the impact that the said pollution is having on our population.

    This is an area of main concern to the ESG. The public will now hopefully be aware of a formal complaint lodged at the European Union by the ESG and GONHS. Particulars of the formal complaint can be found on their respective websites. These outline the issues concerned, the research undertaken and what steps are being followed.

    On another issue and since this very serious problem of the pollution in the Bay has been raised by the GSLP, the ESG wish to point out that a “Document on the Environment” which it submitted to all political parties at the end of 2002 has regrettably not received any official recognition to date, by the GSD or the GSLP.

    The ESG urges these two main political parties to embrace an environmental policy to tackle all environmental problems and make or formulate improvements in a systematic and proactive manner.

    Our environment is under increasing danger and this should be of enough importance so as to be included in the political manifestos of all our political parties.

    For further information on the complaint lodged at the European Union, visit websites: