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    Bay Bucket Brigade hits 2500!

    The Bay Bucket Brigade (BBB) has been asking members of the community to sign a petition calling for heavy industries in the bay to clean up their act. The pollution that these industries create, so often visible to the naked eye, poses an elevated health risk to all people living in the Bay area. The petition calls for industries to act more responsibly by investing adequately in available pollution reduction technologies.

    We are pleased to report that the petition has been a success, collecting 2500 signatures locally. Along with a detailed report of the air-sampling that revealed alarmingly high levels of benzene and other cancer-causing chemicals, the petition will soon be sent to the Junta de Andalucia, El Defensor del Pueblo, the main industrial plants and the European Commission.

    The BBB would like to thank all the concerned members of the community who have signed the petition and assure them that every signature adds strength and conviction to the voice of the community as a whole, which is calling out for cleaner and healthier air for us all. Special thanks go to Beacon Press, Biancas, Corks Wine Bar, Glacis Tenants Association, Hassans, Imperial Newsagency, Laguna Tenants Association, Marble Arc, N.A.S.W.U.T (Gib) and T.G.W.U. for helping to collect signatures. (Anyone who has a petition with some signatures and has not handed it in, or anyone who has not signed the petition and would like to, are asked to contact Ewen on 50530 at their earliest convenience.)

    Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to reassure all our members and supporters that the Bay Bucket Brigade, with the help of your generous donations, will continue to gather samples of our polluted air. We believe that gathering more air samples is the key to substantiating the irrefutable need for heavy industries in the bay to clean up their act: this scientific evidence is the tool with which we can push them to act responsibly.