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    In its ongoing campaign the ESG wishes to promote a little known facility within our community, for the safe disposal of used batteries. (AA, C’s, D’s etc.) Many in our community are not aware of the bins provided by the Environmental Agency for collection of used batteries.These collection points can be found at:


    • Scud Hill Post Office
    • Bayside School
    • Westside School
    • Safeways entrance lobby


    Because of the potential toxicity of batteries the EU has regulated for their safe disposal. When the outer coating of the batteries corrodes, heavy metals may leak from them and pollute the environment. Cadmium is one of the main metals in batteries.


    It does not degrade and can get into the food chain, where it affects all environmental sectors and can damage the liver, kidneys and human and fish brains.


    To date, most of our batteries end up in our household rubbish with the rest of our refuse. We could avoid sending them through the refuse disposal path if we used the appropriate containers supplied by the EA. The ESG urges the community to make use of the facility for safe disposal.