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  • At long last progress for our health and Bay environment

    The ESG/BBB welcomes the announcements made by La Junta’s Environmental Councillor, Ms Coves, that the pollution levels in the Bay appears to be addressed seriously, once and for all.

    The epidemiological study promised for so long has, regrettably, become somewhat of an empty phrase. While the BBB consider this study supremely important to be carried our without further delay, what is clear is that industrial pollution IS excessive in the Bay. It is not cosmetic; it is offensive at best, and lethal at its worst.

    Therefore, the BBB welcomes all accurate and independent scientific studies to prove this, enabling the Spanish authorities to proceed with their stated intentions to lower the emission levels and instruct the industries responsible to seek immediate ways to stop illegal toxic dumping in the Bay environment. Taking the appropriate environmental measures will not threaten jobs. On the contrary, by ensuring that the industries are run within current EU norms, this will create jobs. There can be no back-pedalling at this stage to make the necessary investments given the public awareness of the problem and the millions of euros in profit published annually by the Oil industry.

    What is clear is that neither environmentalists, nor residents, will allow this opportunity to slip by. The BBB will be vigilant over the next few weeks to record pollution incidences, take samples, and support any protests planned in the area. Having the public’s interests at heart the groups would encourage everyone to be aware of heavy pollution incidences however commonplace these may appear to be; to record details and take photos when possible and pass these on to members of the ESG and BBB.