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    The ESG wish to make public their concerns over the asbestos handling side of the contract that Cammell Laird has secured for the dockyard in relation to the works to be undertaken on Rotterdam, now in port.

    We ask that Cammell Laird provide publicly, answers to the following questions:-

    • The nature of the asbestos in question
    • how the work will be carried out
    • The certification of the companies who will handle and dispose of the asbestos
    • the certification of the procedures to prove that they are to the highest standards for the handling of the material
    • the disposal arrangements with all the necessary proof and certification subsequent proof of safe disposal

    Without this information, the ESG states that all avenues to stop these works from going ahead will be explored, as asbestos handling requires strict application of controls and procedures to prevent a health hazard.

    Given the record this company has shown with the growing mountain of waste grit classed as hazardous material, lying in the open air for several years and not disposed of as expected, and the over-spraying of vessels affecting many nearby residents, it is even more critical that this company announces ahead of commencement of works, precisely how this part of the Rotterdam contract will be handled and does so publicly, as this issue is rightly a public health issue.

    The ESG also congratulates Cammell Laird for winning this contract but is firm in its position that best practices are pursued from the outset to avoid any danger to shipyard workers and public health, as well as our environment.