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    The ESG must comment on the increase in air pollution emanating from our power plants and distilleries this summer. An ongoing part of our campaign is to ensure that the relevant authorities take some action to mitigate and reduce significantly the pollution suffered by many residents on the Rock.


    Residents on Rosia Road and in Sir William Jackson Grove have been driven to take their complaints to the Ombudsman’s office as well as organise petitions and even in the past commission independent reports into the legality of such emissions. Complaints to the Environmental Agency usually result in no action being taken with similar responses from those in environmental health.


    The ESG demand that the necessary steps are taken urgently to rectify an intolerable situation for many and insist that affordable technologies exist to improve many of these problems.


    Given that more and more affected residents are now bringing their complaints directly to the ESG in the hope of some action, the group insists that Government acts now to address these problems.


    The ESG is presently co-ordinating a petition among residents at Sir William Jackson Grove and Rosia Road to be presented to Government, the industry and the Environmental Agency at the earliest opportunity.