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  • Accident in Campamento Dry Dock

    Press Release

    Date :  28/10/09
    Accident in Campamento Dry Dock

    The ESG today learnt of an accident which took place in the Crinavis dry dock in Campamento- According to Spanish colleagues this vessel collided against the dry dock wall on entry and suffered a gash followed by rapid loss of fuel from its fuel tanks. Luckily much of this fuel has been contained within the dry dock itself.

    While official reports declare no harm done and minimal impact on Bay waters this accident nevertheless raises questions and concerns over maritime safety and risks posed by the intense maritime activity on the Bay environment.

    Once again we are lucky in that the ship in question is a container ship not a fuel tanker and the lack of double hull not a serious issue- Notwithstanding any amount of oil in water is considered harmful to aquatic and bird life and can compromise equipment so an alert has been issued by the ports in the Bay to all bay users to keep a watchful eye out for oil.

    The ESG calls upon the public to also remain vigilant and report any sightings of oil to the group and to the Gibraltar Port Authority.