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  • ESG Radio Newsletter 25th May 2017

    This week we focus on a number of environmental initiatives including:

    • the recent launch of the Redibike scheme
    • more about the STTPP (that’s the Sustainable Traffic and Transport Parking Plan)
    • we look at World Environmental Day
    • DPC
    • CUTW registration

    The new Redibike Scheme was launched last week at a press conference and now the racks and the red and white bicycles can be seen dotted about Gibraltar. It is good to have the service reinstated once more. At the launch, we asked about helmets? ….and cycle lanes? and were also interested to learn how this new and second such scheme for Gibraltar, would succeed, where the previous system had been dropped by this administration. We know that the use of helmets is the best and safest practice and people are urged to take their own when renting a Redibike. Cycle lanes remain a challenge we were told, with few areas available where there is enough space to provide these. Parts of some of our roads could be converted and we hope that where possible these will be phased-in. The top of the old walls will also provide a great option to walk and cycle along – of course cyclists will need to respect pedestrians too and as mentioned in the plan, awareness campaigns for all road users are planned. We were given a number of reasons as to why the 1st scheme could not be continued, lessons that have been learnt in order to safeguard the new system well into the future.

    The ESG covers various aspects of our environment, as part of our core objectives and Traffic and Transport issues is one such area. Some of our traffic concerns include air and noise pollution, road congestion, difficulties faced by pedestrians, border issues, emissions from idling of engines and their impacts on health, the phasing out of diesel fuels for cleaner alternatives such as hybrid and electric and many other concerns. We believe the launch of the plan is the start of the traffic and transport conversation. We need to involve the community in the changes we need to make in this part of our day-to-day lives. We would like to see open and public debate with the public voicing their questions and concerns about aspects of the plan, on how current problems affect them, and what could be done about these. We also call for a firm timeline with tangible targets to be laid out to reduce traffic hotspots, pollution and create a better environment for ourselves and our families. The option of walking, cycling and using public transport will seem even more attractive then. Watch out for the second Viewpoint tonight on Traffic issues for more discussion on these topics. You can also find out more from our website: www.esg-gib.net

    World Environment Day is coming up on the 5th June, an all-day affair at the Commonwealth Park. Organised by the Department of the Environment, the event will see a number of stalls including those manned by NGOs, and the ESG will be there. Take a few moments out of your busy schedule and drop in and catch up with local environmental issues.

    With Clean up the World a key event for the ESG we shall be promoting this campaign at our stall and inviting volunteers to register. We are presently gathering teams together and details of workshops and planning meetings will be released in June. This years Clean up takes place on the 23rd September with a Parade planned for the launch.

    The next DPC meeting will be held on Wednesday the 31st May at 9.30am, Charles Hunt Room, John Mackintosh Hall, with the agenda now available online. These meetings are open to the public.

    Remember you can contact us by emailing esg@gibtelecom.net and we’ll be happy to help with your CUTW registration or any other query you may have. Thank you for listening.

    ESG welcomes Redibike Launch 17th May 2017

    Redibike Scheme launched

    17th May 2017

    The ESG welcomes the launch of the Redibike scheme, which took place this week. Following the release of the long awaited and welcome Sustainable Traffic, Transport and Parking Plan (STTPP), this measure signals a positive step away from motorised transport.

    This is the second such scheme to be set up in Gibraltar and the ESG hopes that Redibike will be sustainable into the future.

    The group urges cyclists to use helmets when cycling and for motorists and cyclists to travel with care especially in peak traffic periods.

    The ESG recognises the focus being given at this time by the Ministry for Transport on improving alternatives to car and motorbike use in Gibraltar, something which is obviously a challenge, and wishes it success in the rolling out of measures and targets as set out in the STTPP.




    ESG EU and Sewage 10th May 2017


    The ESG has campaigned and lobbied for a sewage treatment plant since 2003. The issue is still clearly unresolved as we now face fines from the EU, legitimately so since we were warned, via the UK, of infringement proceedings back in 2009.

    The technical aspects for this facility have been studied and realised under the current administration and the group hopes that steps will now follow to set it up without further delay. There is no question that this is an important environmental issue for Gibraltar that has to be resolved.

    What is also a worry for the ESG is that present developments indicate that infringement proceedings from the EU can several years to result in action, and that therefore, the Western Beach sewage issue, affected by La Linea storm drains, herself also charged recently with infringement proceedings, is still some years off from being similarly charged. This, despite the immediate and highly impacting nature of the sewage contamination, which has directly polluted a public beach for the past 7 years in a cross border situation.

    However, public and political pressure is fortunately resulting in significant improvements in bathing water quality at Western Beach in the first few months of 2017. What is not known is if this is a temporary reprieve or the result of infrastructural works already carried out to correct the 2010 diversion.


    The ESG will continue to press for progress on both local and cross border water treatment facilities.