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  • Protected Views and Vistas.. launch by Gib Heritage Trust, GONHS and the ESG 270416

    Visit following link for draft document launched today by the Heritage Trust, the ESG and GONHS regarding the need for protection of specific views and vistas in Gibraltar:





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    ESG Radio Newsletter 270416

    ESG Radio Newsletter 27th April 2016

    Hello- since our last newsletter the ESG has focused on several issues affecting our environment. This includes:–  noise pollution from the dockyard area, Rosia Bay petition, the EIA for the LNG storage project, online bus tracking, and the launch of a collaborative project on Vistas and Views by the Gibraltar Heritage Trust, ESG and the GONHS.


    So lets start with the dockyard noise. South district residents have seen significant reduction of noise and air pollution in their homes after suffering decades from the impacts of the heavily polluting power stations. However last week noise levels soared once again with the arrival of the navy vessel RFA into the port. We rec’d complaints and issued a press release. We have followed this up directly with each pertinent entity to seek a solution to the present problem, but more importantly, to secure a long lasting resolution of what happens all too frequently at dockside and must be eliminated: that is, running of engines while in port for any length of time.

    This transitory pollution is a huge environmental problem and needs to be eliminated from our port. The issue appears to revolve around the lack of connection facility for different vessel types. There are European directives, financial subsidies and readily available technology to overcome this difficulty. Driving this process is affected coastal communities and Gibraltar definitely qualifies with land limitation placing industry and communities cheek by jowl. We are highlighting these measures and possibilities to all concerned in the hope that steps will speedily be taken. More updates in our next newsletter and go online to esg-gib.net for more information to be updated on this matter shortly.


    The ESG agrees that development at Rosia Bay should be minimal and refurbished to respect its open, historic and natural coastline. There is a petition doing the rounds online which is getting a lot of support.


    We want to highlight that the EIA documentation for the proposed LNG storage, including a non-technical summary, is published online via the egov.gi website with a deadline for comments and objections to be made by the 5th May 2016. The ESG is presently studying the comprehensive documentation and will be submitting our own concerns in this process.


    We also wanted to advise of a 2nd debate being organised by the Gibraltar Heritage Trust being held on the 3rd May at 6.30pm at the Main Guard. The theme is “In your face? How high is too high for Gibraltar’s urban landscape?” A very interesting and most topical subject. In line with this theme is the launch of a collaborative draft document by the Heritage Trust together with the ESG and GONHS on Protected Views, which was published yesterday. This is now out for public consultation and feedback and you can find this on the heritage website: www.gibraltarheritagetrust.org.gi. You will also be able to access this from the GONHS and ESG websites soon.


    See also link:      http://gibraltarheritagetrust.org.gi/about-gibraltar-heritage/news/26-04-2016/launch-of-views-vistas-protection-document


    Good news re online bus tracking – hope other routes are added as soon as possible.


    Finally please put the Clean up Dates in your calendar, for the 24th and 25th September. Volunteers welcome to sign up now emailing esg@gibtelecom.net .



    Thanks for listening.









    ESG welcomes launch of on-line bus tracking service 210416

    The ESG welcomes the recent launch of the online bus tracking service on routes 2 and 3 and hopes that other routes will soon follow.


    It is undeniable that such a service will improve the process of moving more people away from their reliance on cars, as it will provide greater confidence on the reliability and timing of a public transport service that is more user-friendly and better.


    Clearly heavy traffic and also high demand at peak hours will continue to impact on the smooth running of the bus service. Also, the group considers that issues including changes to routes, paying and non-paying parking, bus design and unnecessary engine idling, still need addressing.


    However the ESG believes that the introduction of this long anticipated online facility is a welcome and important step in the right direction.


    ESG on Quayside Pollution 180416

    ESG Press Release 180416

    Re Quayside Pollution

    The Royal Navy RFA that is currently in Gibraltar for repairs is leaving its engine on continuously. There is air-pollution from this source and given the very high noise level of this engine, which is particularly noticeable at night, the situation is extremely unpleasant and unsatisfactory for many residents in the vicinity. The group has received complaints from the public and urges the relevant agencies to ensure that shore-power is available and useable on the vessel so that the engine is only used when absolutely necessary for other on-board requirements.

    The background to this situation is that this type of quayside pollution from vessels occurs frequently enough to demand that more action is taken regarding its mitigation.

    Shore side connection and conversion to local power supply needs to be facilitated throughout our Port to cover all vessels coming in for berthing and service. This would greatly assist in eliminating unnecessary air and noise pollution, which impacts on neighbouring residential areas. This is particularly relevant in the GibDock facility, which already has a significant environmental impact on the frontline neighbourhood.

    It would seem clear to us, given our long historical links with the MoD, that all its vessels should have the necessary connection equipment to plug in to shore-power and shut their own engines down while in harbour in Gibraltar.

    This present situation highlights that either new measures are required, or existing ones more effectively enforced. The group is taking up this issue with the MoD, the Ministry for the Environment, Captain of the Port and GibDock and will be seeking answers on legislation and enforcement procedures in place.

    links to

    Shore side connection and conversion technology –


    WHO noise level safety recommendations


    ESG in agreement with GONHS re Balloons Impact 120416

    ESG Press Release

    12th April 2016


    “The ESG agrees with the GONHS that there is abundant evidence as to the polluting effects of the type of balloons used on National Day. The decision to stop this release of balloons has been taken after much consultation because of the political connotations and the ESG therefore commends the stand taken by the SDGG and hopes that energy and focus will now be shared by the community in the search for an environmentally friendly and vibrant alternative.”





    ESG Opposed to additional Fuel Storage 080416

    ESG PR re Additional Fuel Storage

    Facility in Gibraltar

    8th April 2016


    The ESG totally opposes the proposal to build a land-based fuel storage facility, as this is further industrialisation with potentially damaging effects on our environment.






    For more information please contact Tom Scott on 58009259




    See official announcement on this project in the local press

    ESG welcomes Balloon Ban by SDGG 060416

    The ESG welcomes the release today by the SDGG regarding the end of a mass release of balloons on National Day. We have campaigned for some years for this ban alongside the GONHS and many individuals. The recent visit and efforts by Lewis Pugh is also recognised.
    It is a great relief to hear that the impact from this annual balloon release on the environment has finally been acknowledged and we thank all those involved, both locally and internationally, in helping arrive at this decision.