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  • ESG welcomes departure of OS35 01.08.23- WRITTEN BEFORE NEW OIL SPILL from GAS VENUS

    The ESG would like to share its relief and gratitude to all those involved in the recent removal of the stricken vessel OS35 from our shoreline.

    Gibraltar and the nearby marine environment did not escape entirely unscathed, but it’s clear a major incident was averted by the careful handling undertaken by the Port and advisory team.

    We thank our teams of volunteers who were on standby throughout the presence of the vessel and dedicated their free time when called to, to assist in the very tricky business of removing sticky, tarry oil from our shoreline. 

    It thanks all at the Port led by its Captain, and other agencies as well as the Department of the Environment who kept NGOs and volunteers appraised of the environmental threat from the vessel on a constant basis.