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  • CUTW Success Unbelievable Haul! Well done to all Volunteers 25.09.23

    Organisers of the 19th annual Clean up the World are extremely grateful to Team Leaders and volunteers, essential agencies, services, specialists and contractors for the energy and civic pride displayed throughout the clean up activity this weekend. The phenomena that the community wide Clean up has become did not disappoint with over 450 hard working citizens of all ages doing their best to help clear litter and other waste left by thoughtless people and businesses.

    17 areas, many of them habitats, saw a thorough going over by busy teams leaving them pristine and cleared from food related waste to commercial and industrial material. Our seafronts, green areas, nature and marine reserves, underwater and hard to access sites as well as some town areas were tackled with verve and purpose. This effort must surely be followed by increased surveillance, fines and visible deterrents to reduce the pattern of wanton and daily littering and fly tipping.

    25 teams made up of schools, associations, companies and agencies worked throughout most of Gibraltar tackling lightly littered areas and major hotspots. Seven Sisters saw an unexpectedly major haul of historic fly tipping with the Prison Car Park area another hotspot. Britannia Services closely collaborated here for which we are most thankful.

    Overall a larger haul this year resulting from the excellent effort by teams and close support of Britannia who recognises the educational benefits of the Clean up Campaign and also tackled areas with us.

    Thanks to all involved which resulted in the collection of 12 large truckloads and 3 vanloads of waste to the open quarry where a symbolic mountain was created driving the message home that we still have a lot to do as a community before we can hang up our boots on this important issue anytime soon.

    Thanks to the Dept of Environment, Britannia, Bassadone, Wildlife Gibraltar, GibSubAqua888 and our own steering team for their help and participation on the day. Thanks go to ALL volunteers and supporters.

    A fuller report will be published soon.

    Watch out for a special film on the Clean up coming out soon.